What am I fighting, afraid of losing?
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Factors to became a World Champion

Here is a "list" of the many factors there are needed to became a World Champion:

1. With not doubts talent, without talent it is not possible to excel.

2. Focus and motivation, talent must be developed with intense work!

3. Dedication to discover the perfect mechanics, perfect mechanics is the vehicle that is needed to  produce inspired performances.

4. A perfect partner, not only the partner must be capable to excel, but it is essential to find an harmonised atmosphere where both can express opinions and work together on the development, this is certainly what Loraine and I are capable of achieving, as we motivate each other to search for more and more and more.

5. A good combination of teachers that cover different aspect of the development and that keep the inspiration alive.

6. Believe in your potential, so never stop pushing yourself further. This list could continue forever, but I cannot give you all my secrets!

Luca and Lorainne Baricchi